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The brand new Skylar from GFI is a full-featured, multi-mode reverb pedal.  This pedal takes the killer tones from the GFI Specular Reverb and combines them with the digital interface and switching of the Specular Tempus, all in a standard 1x compact pedal package.  This pedal takes 4 of the most popular and unique reverb algorithms from these past GFI pedals and puts them into a more manageable format. 

The four modes included range from standard/traditional sounds (Plate, Tremolo + Reverb) all the way to the hallmarks of modern ambient guitar tones (Shimmer, GFI's signature Spatium algorithm).  The four knobs give you control over Decay, Level, Reverb Mode, and a variable Parameter knob that changes based on the preset selected.  If this wasn't in depth enough for you, have no fear: the knobs all double as pressure switches, giving you quick access to essential secondary controls like EQ or Pre-Delay.  Using the integrated footswitches you can switch between presets, turn the pedal on and off, tap in your tempo with the rightmost switch, and trigger the momentary Ramp feature by holding down the left one.  The inputs and outputs of this pedal are TRS jacks which means that this pedal has full stereo capabilities. and the extension jack adds compatibility with both external tap tempo and expression controllers for maximum versatility.  If you're looking for a full featured reverb pedal with storable presets, stereo ins and outs, and a small footprint, the GFI System Skylar is just what you need.  Come try one today!

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