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Specular Tempus Delay + Reverb Black Limited Edition of 200

The ultra powerful GFI Specular Tempus delay and reverb pedal is now available in a super limited black edition. Perfect for musicians who want a versatile and complex effects processor that delivers on quality, the Specular Tempus is a well rounded and deep reverb/delay. Containing 36 custom-designed algorithms, this pedal brings out the best parts of your performance. The included algorithms cover everything from swell and vortex reverbs to formant and multitap delays.

Save and recall up to 32 presets organized into four pages of four banks with two patches per bank. Tap tempo with selectable subdivisions allow you to easily tap in the perfect timing for your reverb or delay. The autoswell function controls one of four knobs and acts as if someone turns that knob all the way up—a great way to add swelling reverbs or even a hold function for some of the delays. The connectivity is a great plus, featuring stereo input and output, plus an effects loop. The functionality of the pedal can be controlled via the aux input with up to three footswitches such as the Triple Switch or the MIDI input. The aux output can be used to send the tap tempo clock signal to other pedals that feature an external tap tempo control. This pedal is a great choice for musicians who want a collection of effects that sound great and perform well, with easy to use controls and extensive customization and control options.


  • Reverb and delay pedal
  • 36 algorithms
  • 32 presets
  • Tap tempo with four subdivisions
  • Aux in with up to three switches and out for sending tap tempo
  • Stereo in and out
  • Effects loop on 3.5mm jacks
  • MIDI inputLCD display
  • Analog dry thru
  • Kill-dry function
  • Auto swell/delay hold function
  • 24-bit resolution

Type: Effects

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