Pre-Owned Ibanez RG-450 DXB


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Ibanez RG-450 DXB

Finally, a guitar that can encapsulate the essence of being an angsty teenager. Nothing screams get out of my room quite like this RG-450. Jokes aside, this guitar feels great and is ready to play all the heavy metal your heart desires. While it sounds great clean, everyone knows that's not what this instrument was made for, so we put it into a cranked up amp and we were honestly blown away by how good it sounded. Chords were nice and chunky while single notes bloomed in a pleasing fashion. The floating trem has a super smooth travel and feels great whether you're adding a little bit of vibrato, or doing dive bombs. 

Regarding condition, this guitar is pretty clean. There is a small scratch on the neck which is pictured but other than that it's in great cosmetic shape. The frets are in good condition. The neck is nice and straight and the guitar has undergone a full inspection and setup from our in house luthier.

As always, this guitar ships via FedEx or UPS Ground, fully insured with signature required.