JHS Packrat Distortion Pedal


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JHS Pack Rat. Nine Different Flavors of Rat

The ProCo RAT is one of the most iconic distortion pedals of all time, and has been used on countless records by guitarists like Dave Grohl, Frank Black, David Gilmour, Stephen Malkmus, and more.  Its classic hard-clipping distortion and unique filter tone control lead to a wide variety of sounds with a very distinctive midrange cut and edge.  At high Distortion settings you get a nice fuzz tone while you can get a solid overdrive sound with it turned down.  The Pack Rat takes the idea from JHS’ popular Bonsai and Muffuletta and gives you access to 9 distinct RAT based circuits in one compact package.  

The models are as follows:

OG Rat (1979): Original big box RAT tone

White Face Rat (1984): First mass produced RAT.  Like OG but with different Filter taper

Turbo Rat (1989): Uses LED clipping for more dynamic control and better low-mid gain

Brat (1997): Adds input buffer and soft clipping (keeps hard clipping), cap value changes

You Dirty Rat (2004): Germanium clipping diodes, cap changes.  Most saturated RAT

Ibanez LA Metal (1986): Modded RAT.  Clips the op amp rails instead of hard clipping

Landgraff Mo'd (2005): Based on Landgraff MO-D Distortion.  Boutique RAT tone

Caroline Guitar Co Wave Cannon V1 (2010): Heavily modded RAT style tone

JHS Mod: JHS' classic RAT mods.  Makes it louder, bigger sounding, and adds more range


When you’re switching modes in this pedal you aren’t switching between slight modifications but are actually toggling between 9 different discrete RAT type circuits ranging from the original big box RAT to a modern JHS modded RAT.  No other pedal on the market today covers as much RAT range as the Pack Rat.  When you need that classic fuzzy grit, the Pack Rat is the answer.  Come try one today!

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