K&K Powermix Pure Upgrade


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K&K PowerMix Pure Mini Upgrade

The K&K Sound Powermix Upgrade is designed to upgrade an existing Pure Mini or Pure 12-String pickup system to a complete PowerMix system. Everything you need to perform the upgrade is included. This upgrade adds the FanTaStick undersaddle pickup as well as the PowerMix dual channel internal mount preamp/mixer. The PowerMix preamp can be controlled using the included soundhole mounted volume/blend controller.

Adding the PowerMix preamp to your Pure Mini system will give you greatly improved headroom and better low and high end dynamics, and increased signal strength for use with mixer boards or PA systems. The PowerMix preamp also blends the signals from your existing Pure Mini pickup system with the more immediate, brighter sound of the FanTaStick undersaddle pickup, allowing you to play harder and with greater presence and increased attack and sustain.

Includes installation kit, manual, onboard preamp, manual, FanTaStick pickup

Type: Guitar Parts