LAVA ME 3 38" - Space Gray with Space Gig Bag


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Lava ME 3

Smartguitar Reimagined

Intuitive. Creative. Powerful.

This smartguitar is designed to be the best companion on your musical adventure.

With a multi-touch display, the HILAVA OS and incredible apps, LAVA ME 3 will reinvent the way you make music.

Multi-touch display integrated with HILAVA OS. Tuner, Metronome, Recorder accessible with a tap. Built-in effects and loops easy to play and customize. 5 practice modes with instant feedback and report. Enhanced acoustic sound with new Honeycomb Structure, AirSonic 2.0 and 5-MASS technology.

Tap into the Future

A 3.5-inch touchscreen is seamlessly integrated into the guitar and puts everything you need right at your fingertips.

HILAVA Operating System

The HILAVA OS offers a lightweight interactive experience without mobile connection. It supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and auto-syncs your projects to the lavaCloud.

The most impressive and unique guitar innovation to date. LAVA ME 3 utilizes a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a trademarked HILAVA system. The LAVA ME 3 has effects, loops, Wi-Fi connectivity, recording, and even a practice feature built into the guitar. All of the features
can be used without being plugged in to an amp or power supply.


 A wide variety of effects can now be used & altered using the touchscreen. LAVA MUSIC’ s
sound engineers developed a series of sounds and effects that contain not only all of the standard Reverb, Delay, Auto-wah, Chorus, Octave, and Doubler, but also effects more widely heard in modern electronic/digitally produced music. Users can also alter the parameters of each effect down to the smallest detail.


Learning the guitar is easier, more intuitive, and quicker with the practice feature on the
LAVA ME3. Customizable lessons can be built whether it be scales, chords, or ear training.
Increase accuracy, speed, and style with the guitar and nothing else.


LAVA + is the new app downloadable on IOS or Android systems. A community of global guitarists can now easily communicate, share music, and track each other's improvements over time. The APP connects directly with the players’ personal LAVA ME 3 giving them various information from time played, data space and specific guitar specs.

AirSonic 2

Lava Music's newest carbon fiber composite. The material is 30% more resistant than the previous generation and is durable under different temperature and humidity conditions.


The renowned PLEK Pro machine cuts the frets of LAVA ME 3 to 0.01mm accuracy, allowing exceptional comfort and sound quality.

4-MASS Design

The breakthrough 4-MASS design technology ensures harmonious vibration of the soundboard, body, neck and the air inside the guitar, greatly enhancing the resonance.


*****As always, this guitar ships fully insured with signature required.*****