MXR M87 Bass Compressor


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M87 Bass Compressor Pedal

The MXR Bass Compressor is here to add some snap and punch to your low end today!  This fully featured compressor pedal offers a variety of features and controls, some of which are typically only found on outboard studio gear.  MXR tuned the EQ of this pedal to extend lower and have the higher headroom necessary when dealing with bass frequencies by using their Constant Headroom Technology (CHT).  The Input and Output controls allow you to carefully balance the input gain and output volume, while the Attack and Release controls really let you dial in how quickly or slowly the compression starts to roll in, letting you tweak it to match your playing style. 

The two really interesting parts of this pedal are the Gain Reduction meter on top and the compression Ratio control.  The Ratio control lets you chose how compressed the wet signal is relative to the dry signal, starting with a relatively mild 4:1 ratio and increasing up to a positively squashed 20:1.  The real time graphic Gain Reduction meter shows you when the compression is happening and how hard it's compressing the notes, further helping you adjust the pedal to your individual playing.  If you want a versatile and tweakable compressor that's tuned for bass, the MXR Bass Compressor should do everything you need!

Type: Effects

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