EHX Op-Amp Big Muff Pi Fuzz Pedal


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Op Amp Big Muff Reissue

The Op Amp Big Muff is one of the most elusive and unique Big Muff models out there, and finding an original can take a long time and cost hundreds of dollars.  After years of discussion on forums and countless copies, Electro Harmonix decided that it was finally time to bring this classic distortion and fuzz sound into the modern era, at a price that won't blow your budget.  The Op Amp Big Muff, sometimes referred to as the V4 or IC (for Integrated Circuit, a way to package electronic parts into little plastic chips) Big Muff, is unique both for its gain structure as well as the way in which it achieves said gain.  The Op Amp Muff has only 3 gain stages, and rather than being discrete transistors like in other Big Muff models they accomplish this using Op Amp ICs, for crunchier, more distortion-like sound than other Big Muffs, with a totally different mid range. 

Another unique feature that EHX was sure to include on their reissue was as tone-bypass knob, which completely removes the tone knob from the circuit for a more full range, fat sound compared to the more focused, brighter tones available at the high end of the tone knob settings.  Finally, they miniaturized the housing while including modern conveniences like industry standard 9V DC power and true bypass switching.  The Op Amp Big Muff is a unique and iconic sound (made famous by the Smashing Pumpkins among others.  Billy Corgan even did official demos of this reissue for EHX) that will be at home on anyone's board.  Get one and rock out!

Type: Effects