Mesa Boogie Powerhouse Attenuator 8 ohm


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Mesa POWERHOUSE Reactive Amp Load Attenuator - 8-ohm

Achieve Great Tone at Any Volume. Cab Optional.

Aficionados, this is the power attenuator you’ve been waiting for. One that puts Tone and feel first and includes valuable features you need while preserving the magic of your tube amp in all its harnessed-volume glory.

Mesa Engineering’s PowerHouse gives you the features you need to rein in your amplifier’s out-of-control volume. This amp attenuator includes five levels of power reduction — -0dB, -4dB, -8dB, -12dB, and -16dB — with infinite reduction down from the -16dB position (via a Level knob) for whisper-quiet practice sessions. A 3-position voicing switch enables you to choose normal, bright, or warm characteristics. And a Speaker/Load switch gives you the option between playing through your physical speaker cabinet or the PowerHouse’s internal reactive load. One of our favorite features is the dry line output. With it, you can feed your unprocessed signal to your impulse response loader of choice or record it for re-amping. The line output even boasts its own independent level control.

Made in the Petaluma, California "Home of Tone" with the finest materials and craftsmanship and includes:

  • Dynamic new Reactive Load Circuit + Attenuation provides the feel and tone of your amp running at its optimum output at any volume, with or without a real speaker cabinet!
  • Rated for Amps up to 150-Watts
  • Attenuator Switch provides 4 levels of power/volume reduction, -4dB, -8dB, -12dB and -16dB
  • -16dB Level Control allows infinite power/volume reduction down from the -16dB position
  • Speaker/Load Switch – Choose between using your live speaker cabinet or the internal reactive load
  • Normal/Bright/Warm Voicing Switch
  • One ¼” Input Jack (From Amp Speaker Output)
  • Two ¼” “To Live Spkr Cab” Output Jacks
  • Independent ¼” Line Level “Dry” Output Jack (exact signal from amp’s speaker output) with Level Control
  • Fan Cooled
  • Tall Rubber Feet - Allows PowerHouse to sit on top of most amps, clearing the handle
  • Dimensions: 8” W (with knobs) x 7.375” D x 3.5" H (with feet)
  • Weight: 4lbs 1.7 Oz

Type: Guitar Amps