Pre-Owned Marshall SV20H


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Marshall Studio Vintage 20W All-Valve Plexi Amp Head

Ever since its introduction in 1967 (the first prototypes were released in 65 but the 67s were the first to use EL34s) the Marshall 1959SLP "Plexi" amplifier has been the definitive sound of rock and roll.  Unfortunately, at 100 watts it is nearly unmanageable in most modern settings, requiring an attenuator or heavy modification to get close to capturing the tonal magic and feel at lower volumes. 

Luckily, the engineers over at Marshall worked out a way to run 2 EL34s at only 20 watts of output power for a more manageable volume level much less likely to lead to hearing damage or eviction.  This amplifier features the same iconic control set, with Volumes for each channel, a 3 band EQ, and master Presence control as well as a quarter/full power switch for further versatility.  Finally, they packed an effects loop and DI out into the back of this thing so it's sure to work with any rig.  If you're looking for old school rock and roll tone and feel in a more usable format, the SV20H is just what you need.  Come get one and crank it up today!


This amp works as described and is in mint condition with no discernible wear. 


Type: Guitar Amps