Pre-Owned Mr. Black Pana-Trem


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Mr. Black Pana-Trem Stereo Harmonic Tremolo and Panner Pedal

From the inimitable Mr. Black comes the Pana-Trem, a harmonic tremolo and panner featuring panning and standard operational modes in true stereo. 

"Here at Mr. Black, when we say True-Stereo, we actually mean True-Stereo."

What does that mean? Long story short, it means fully independent left and right audio paths, a configuration quite contrary to what's called Summing Dual-Mono, a set-up often marketed as "stereo". 

For Mr. Black, "stereo-ish" doesn't cut it. Enter the Pana-Trem. Dive into the Pulser and Panner tremolo modes, the Harmonic Vibrato and shift to your hearts content for that perfect expression control, with independent "Sweet'ner" pre-amps on each channel to let you capture the perfect tone, which you can then save and recall. 

  • True-stereo circuit featuring two fully independent audio paths
  • Specially tuned "Sweet'ner" pre-amps on each channel
  • Pulsing LED indicates tremolo speed
  • Pulser(standard) and Panner (ping-pong) tremolo modes of operation
  • Standard Tremolo & Harmonic Vibrato as well as all shades in between tuned to user taste, via the Shift control
  • Super easy to use preset save/recall
  • Tap-tempo input
  • Expression control input assignable to any and all controls on the fly
  • Compact design (3.7" x 4.7")
  • Industry standard 9VDC pedal-board and daisy chain friendly power
    (~69mA draw)


This pedal works as described and is in mint condition, showing no discernible wear. Comes with original box. 

    Type: Effects