Pre-Owned Mr. Black Tapex2


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Mr. Black Tapex2 Stereophonic Tape Echo

Tape echo is one of those legendary guitar effects that is instantly recognizable but you almost never see people using these days.  In the late 60s and early 70s you just couldn't find anyone whose rig didn't have an Echoplex or similar unit sitting next to or on top of their amps and cabs.  As soon as the 80s hit, however, tape echoes quickly went the way of the dodo.  They're just unreliable, hard to maintain, and very finicky.  Now thanks to the mad scientists at Mr. Black you can replicate the sound and magic of a perfectly tuned tape echo but in a simple, easy to use 3 knob format.

The controls on this pedal are as easy as possible, adhering to the traditional 3 knob control layout that is now ubiquitous among delay pedals, giving you controls for Level, Repeats, and delay Time.  A second footswitch allows you to easily recall preset knob positions so that you can easily toggle between 2 different delay tones.  There are 2 tape age options: Choice and Damaged I, which give you the sound of a pristine tape delay and one that's just about to give out, complete with random warbles and slight distortions.  This pedal works in true stereo, meaning that there are 2 different delay paths, 1 for each side (left or right).  The right output instantly halves the left side's delay time for a plug and play ping-pong effect.  All the knobs are assignable to an external expression control too, just max the knob out and plug an expression controller in and you're good to go.  This pedal is also compatible with all manner of 1/4" external tap tempo switches.

If you're looking for a great sounding stereo delay pedal with user presets and tap/expression compatibility, the Tapex 2 is just what you need. Come try one today!

  • Tape voiced, true stereo delay pedal
  • up to 808mS of warm, smooth tape echo tones
  • Automatically halves delay time for left side for automatic ping-pong sounds
  • Two tape age modes: Choice and Damaged I
  • User-assignable presets and expression control

 Technical Specs:

Input Impedance: ~500kΩ

Output Impedance: ~2kΩ

Echo Time: 43mS - 808mS

Bypass: Buffered-bypass

Power Requirement: 9-18VDC (100mA)

Mr Black Tapex2


This pedal works nicely as intended and is in mint condition, showing no discernible external wear as can be seen in photos. Comes with original box. 

Type: Effects