Pre-Owned Swart Night Light Attenuator


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Pre-Owned Swart Night Light 

This is a pre-owned Swart Night Light attenuator in good condition. With its small footprint and sturdy casing, it's ultra portable and ultra durable.

The Night Light was optimized for any amp under 22w with the light compression on, or under 30w with the light compression off. 

Attenuation settings
Filament BULB Compression Mode

  • This mode runs the attenuated signal through a Swart jewel lamp filament, bringing a subtle tube compression/brown sound.

Bypass compression mode

  • Removes the light compressor out of the circuit for more natural dynamics. With level at 12oclock, this is least attenuation/highest volume setting.

Heavy duty 3 position Switch

  • This main chicken head switch allows you to switch between FOUR different attenuation settings.  At first setting, or 12 o'clock, the NL can cycle between the COMP and DECOMP switch which brings two levels.  DECOMP is least attenuated or loudest setting with COMP position bringing more attenuation via the bulb filament. Turn the switch to 2oclock will bring more attenuation, bypassing the DECOMP/COMP switch. The lowest setting is about the same loudness as your guitar strings.


This attenuator works as described and is in good cosmetic condition, showing some age and light wear that can be seen in photos. Comes with original box, case candy and spare bulb.  




Night Light 




1 x 1/4" From Amp


1 x 1/4" Line Out, 1 1/4" to Speaker


4.67" L x 3.68" W x 1.18" H.



Type: Pro Audio