EHX Soul Food


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Electro Harmonix Soul Food Distortion/Overdrive Pedal

For years now, a mysterious large, rectangular overdrive pedal has been showing up on pros' rigs, marked only with the words "KLON CENTAUR" and, occasionally, a cryptic cartoon of a Centaur.  These pedals were only available direct from the manufacturer, and continue to trade hands for amounts of money that would make you think we were talking about guitars or amps, not overdrive pedals.  Mike Matthews kept hearing of the mythical KLON and decided that it was time that one of the major manufacturers made this elusive circuit available to the public, smoke and mirrors be damned.  Gone is the talk of magic diodes or special op amps, we are now in the era of the mass-produced Klone. 

The Soul Food brought the transparent overdrive craze to the masses while managing to capture the high end clarity and high mid punch of the original pedal.  Like the original, the Soul food operates via an internal charge pump to increase headroom, while the drive knob blends the dirty signal in with your clean sound so you can have just the right amount of grit and compression.  If you're looking for a good, open, gritty overdrive sound, the Soul Food is just what you need.  Come try one today and rock out!

Type: Effects