Wampler Sovereign Distortion


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Wampler Sovereign Distortion

The Sovereign is Wampler's answer to the classic question: what is the ultimate distortion pedal?  If there's anyone who could provide a satisfactory answer, it's Brian Wampler.  The man revolutionized the gain pedal game and helped drive the boutique pedal business into the mainstream, and the Sovereign is a distillation of those years of experience into the most refined and easy to control distortion pedal yet.  To better make large changes in gain and gain structure, Wampler laid this pedal out a little differently, using a methodology that he calls "Advanced Gain Structure."  These controls help you make changes to the overall gain level and the individual flavor of gain easily and effectively by combining two switches and a wide-ranging Gain control.  The two switches are the Vintage/Modern switch (formerly Even/Bright) and the Boost switch, which change the pedal's overall EQ and add an additional level of gain, respectively.  The controls can take you from nice low-mid gain crunch tones all the way through to modern high gain sounds with ease, while still allowing you to tweak the EQ and output volume further.  The Mid Contour control is the secret sauce in this pedal, allowing you to dial just the right amount of midrange in or out of your signal to stand out in the mix or add that scooped-mids grind.  The Tone control works in conjunction with the Mid-Contour control and the Vintage/Modern switch to help you balance the high-end and harmonics inherent with using a lot of gain.  If you're looking for the ultimate mid-high gain distortion pedal that's easy to use and sounds awesome, check out the Wampler Sovereign today!

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