EHX Stereo Pulsar Tremolo


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Stereo Pulsar Variable Shape Analog Tremolo

The Electro Harmonix Stereo Pulsar is a high quality analog tremolo pedal that'll bring the wobble to your rig.  Where this one differs from your typical tremolo is that the Stereo Pulsar offers full variable control over the wave Shape, letting you push it from perfectly symmetrical to asymmetrical towards the leading or falling edge.  You can choose between a square or triangle basic waveform via the switch and then nudge it either way with the Shape knob.  Rate and Depth do just what they say, and the stereo outputs mean you can get that rich, rhythmic stereo tremolo sound in seconds, just plug the pedal into another amp at the same time!  If you want a no-nonsense tremolo pedal that gives you real control over the type of tremolo used, the Stereo Pulsar just might be what you need.  Come try one today!

Type: Effects