Mr. Black ThunderClaw


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ThunderClaw Distortion Pedal


The ThunderClaw is a ripping, hard-clipping distortion pedal from Mr. Black that'll pummel any amp into submission, giving you the screaming lead and rhythm tones you need to tear it up all over the fretboard.  This pedal takes you from slightly crunchy all the way to a full on, high gain roar, providing more than enough gain for any application.  This 70s and 80s style distortion offers simple yet powerful controls with its 2 band Bass and Treble EQ knobs and controls for Volume and Distortion.  When gain's the game, the ThunderClaw is the answer.  Once you hear it's power, you won't be able to go back.

This pedal is made here in Portland, OR!


Thunder Claw

Type: Effects

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