Pre-Owned '77 Modded Super Twin


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Pre-Owned '77 Modified Fender Super Twin


This 1977 Fender Super Twin Reverb is in great working order and is 180 watts of super clean power through two blue label FMIC speakers.  We had to bring this one back from the grave, it was in a completely inoperable state but now it sounds awesome.  We replaced a ton of capacitors, removed the gross sounding distortion section, and completely rebuilt the output section of this monster amp.  We also went through and replaced some tubes and rebiased the amp so it should be good to rock and roll now.  This amp features the unique to Fender combination of both a normal 3 band EQ with fourth Presence knob and a 5 band boost-cut EQ with the functionality of a graphic EQ in a knobs on a panel format.  If you need an amp with clean headroom for days, an excellent reverb sound, and a super powerful EQ on tap, the Super Twin Reverb will be perfect for you.



6 x 6L6

1 x 6CX8

1 x 7025

1 x 6AC10

1 x 12AX7

1 x 12AT7

Type: Guitar Amps

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