Pre-Owned circa '79 Fender Stratocaster



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This guitar plays like a dream. For a near 40 year old guitar, the frets are in great condition with a very small amount of pitting (they look like they've possibly been crowned, minimally played.) This guitar received a full setup from our luthier when it came in, so the intonation, action and neck angle are all primed and optimized for effortless playing. The guitar has a small amount of wear and tear, detailed below. It's in really great shape for a guitar of this vintage.

This guitar comes with the original trem bar and bridge cover, and the original hard shell case.

There are two dings in top bass side, one very small ding by the input jack, one dark spot/scuff in back, one ding in the headstock, and there is some wear on the finish where the fretboard and neck meet. 

This guitar weighs 10 lbs, 3.8oz.


Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: Fender