Pre-Owned Airis Effects Savage Drive


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Airis Effects Savage Drive

Get ready to unleash your inner savage with the New Savage Drive pedal! Unlike the Porsche 911, this pedal is actually all new and designed from the ground up to give you an original, savagely aggressive tone with ease.


  • Volume/Savage/Low/Lo-Mid/Hi-Mid/High controls
  • Onboard bi-polar power supply requiring 9 volts ONLY! Higher voltage will damage it.
  • Graphics by Remy Cooper of Headsplit Design
  • True bypass
  • Hand-built in Canada


  • Volume: makes the pedal louder
  • Low: tight control, lower settings for tight and precise sound, higher settings for massive chug and even some fuzziness at max
  • Lo-Mid: most important control on the pedal, where the "body" of your tone lies and provides warmth. Lower settings for sharp djent, slightly above noon for warmth, smoothness, and added chug, and higher settings for sweet spots for solos. Can also be used for tone matching favorite album tone.
  • Hi-Mid: adds crunch with increased pick attack, presence, and clarity
  • High: dials in more bite, low settings for smoother tones and to remove shrillness in certain guitars/pickups, high settings for bite and howl (less noticeable with active pickups due to their inherent signal filtering)
  • Savage: makes your tone more savage with just a small amount of gain and distortion so it doesn't destroy or dirty up your signal too much


  • Requires 2.1mm negative tip 9Volt DC adapter (sold separately)
  • Current draw 25-40mA

Get ready to experience a truly savage tone with the New Savage Drive pedal, hand-built in Canada with quality components.


This pedal works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, showing only lighter external wear as can be seen in photos.



Type: Effects