Pre-Owned 2019 Barber Compact DirectDrive v3


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Pre-Owned 2019 Barber Compact Direct Drive v3 Pedal


This Barber Direct Drive V3 is in great condition and is ready to add some rock and roll grit and punch to your sound!  If you love a good Marshall sound, the Direct Drive is sure to deliver, offering a variety of British voiced gain sounds ranging from edge of breakup tones all the way through to more 80s style mid-high gain sounds.  It can handle up to 18V for increased headroom, and the two Harmonics and Gain switches let you easily dial in your gain amounts along with the otherwise traditional 3 knob overdrive format.  This pedal is full of classic rock and blues sounds and sounds great into all types of amps.  Come check it out soon!

Type: Effects

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