Pre-Owned Boss BF-3 Flanger


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Boss BF-3 Flanger

Reviving the Legendary BOSS BF-3 Flanger Pedal

The iconic BOSS BF-2 Flanger has enjoyed a 20-year legacy, and now it gets a remarkable face-lift with the new BOSS BF-3 flanger pedal. This updated version of the classic flanger offers guitarists and bassists the thickest stereo flanging sounds ever. With two new modes, "Ultra" and "Gate/Pan," the BF-3 takes stereo flanging to new depths, introducing Slicer-like effects and captivating swirling sounds. It's an instant classic for those seeking BOSS's finest flanging effects in a compact, modern pedal.

Thicker and More Versatile Flanging

The BOSS BF-3 Flanger delivers BOSS's best flanging effects with an array of enhancements. The new "Ultra" mode provides ultra-fat flanging sounds that can enrich your sonic palette. Additionally, the "Gate/Pan" mode allows you to create futuristic slicer-type effects that add a unique dimension to your sound. The pedal also features a momentary mode for instantly engaging the flanging effect, as well as tap tempo functionality that you can control with your foot. It's a versatile and inspiring addition to your pedalboard.

Guitar and Bass-Friendly Design

The BF-3 is designed to accommodate both guitar and bass players, featuring independent Guitar and Bass inputs. It ensures that regardless of your instrument, you can enjoy the rich and immersive flanging sounds this pedal offers. With stereo outputs, you can fully experience the spatial depth of the flanging effects. The BOSS BF-3 Flanger is a modern classic that brings the past into the present with enhanced versatility and sonic richness.


  • Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu
  • Input Impedance: 1 M ohm
  • Nominal Output Level: -20 dBu
  • Output Impedance: 1 k ohm
  • Recommended Load Impedance: 10 k ohms or greater
  • Controls: MODE knob, RATE knob, DEPTH knob, RES (Resonance)/MANUAL knob, Pedal switch
  • Indicator: CHECK indicator (Used for indication of check battery)
  • Connectors: GUITAR IN jack: 1/4-inch phone type, BASS IN jack: 1/4-inch phone type, OUTPUT A (MONO) jack: 1/4-inch phone type, OUTPUT B jack: 1/4-inch phone type, DC IN jack
  • Power Supply: Alkaline battery (9 V, 6LR61), AC adaptor (PSA series: sold separately)
  • Current Draw: 60 mA
  • Expected battery life under continuous use: Alkaline: Approx. 4 hours
  • Size and Weight: Width: 73 mm (2-7/8 inches), Depth: 129 mm (5-1/8 inches), Height: 59 mm (2-3/8 inches), Weight (including battery): 425 g (15 oz)


This pedal works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, exhibiting only light external wear - the bottom was removed (and is included) to avoid velcro damage  as can be seen in photos. Box is included as well. 

Type: Effects