Pre-Owned Dunlop CBM105Q Mini Bass Wah


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Dunlop Bass Mini Crybaby


Introducing the Compact Powerhouse: Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah

Legendary Bass Wah, Now in a Compact Form For years, the 105Q Cry Baby Bass Wah has reigned as the go-to choice for bassists, elevating bass lines with its deep, expressive tones. Recognized by top bass players worldwide, its distinct sound and functionality have been a staple in the bass realm. Now, the Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah brings forth that iconic sound and versatility in a compact size that fits neatly into pedalboards. A fraction of the 105Q's size and weight, the Mini Bass Wah comes encased in lightweight aluminum housing, delivering thunderous presence and undeniable impact.

Retained Low-End and Enhanced Convenience The Cry Baby Mini Bass Wah has been meticulously engineered to preserve and enhance your low end while delivering dynamic wah effects. Equipped with Volume and Q controls, you have precise control over shaping your wah sound. The seamless transition in and out of the wah effect is made effortless with auto-return switching, making it a breeze to enrich fills and solos. This mini dynamo is also a perfect match for downtuned and extended range guitars, promising exceptional performance with your rig. Its compact footprint makes it an ideal fit for travel boards, ensuring you never compromise on sound quality and versatility.


  • Impedance:
    • Input: 1 MΩ
    • Output: 1 kΩ
  • Resonant Frequency:
    • Heel Down: 180 Hz
    • Toe Down: 1800 Hz
  • Output Characteristics:
    • Maximum Level: +7.5 dBV
    • VOL Control (Volume): 0dB / -21 dB
    • Heel Down Gain*: +22 dB / +8.5 dB
    • Toe Down Gain**: +32 dB / +12.5 dB
  • Bypass:
    • Automatic Buffered
    • Delay**: 35ms to 550ms
    • Delay Factory Preset: 290ms
  • Noise Floor*:
    • Bypass: -100 dBV
    • Heel Down (Effect On): -94 dBV
    • Toe Down: -87 dBV
  • Current Draw: 6.7mA *VOL full CW, Q ADJ full CW/CCW **Internal Adjustment ***A-weighted, VOL and Q ADJ full CW, 0dBV = 1VRMS

This pedal works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, exhibiting only gentle external wear as can be seen in photos. 


Serial Number: AC26F046


Type: Effects