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Chase Bliss Faves MIDI Controller

From Chase Bliss:

With Faves you can have access to six of your presets as well as your “live mode.”

First let’s talk about what you will need to get up and running with your favorite Chase Bliss Audio pedal. You won’t need any fancy MIDI cables, you only need a standard TRS cable. You will also need to supply power to your Faves controller. Just a standard “guitar pedal” power supply will do the job. 9v, center pin negative, supplying a minimum of 20mA. Faves will not hold a 9v battery.


Now let’s get started on how to use this controller. To keep things small and simple, we gave the controller one switch. This switch has more than one function. If you TAP the switch, you move through three presets in each bank. If you PRESS & HOLD you move through three banks. Each bank has two saved presets (odd and even) plus your live mode.


Looking at the LED’s, the BANK LED is on the left, the PRESETS LED is on the right. As you TAP the switch and move through the three presets, you will see the LED change color. OFF or “BLACK” is your LIVE MODE. RED is your ODD number preset and GREEN is your EVEN number preset. The BANK LED behaves in a similar way. OFF or “BLACK” is BANK ONE, RED is BANK TWO, GREEN is BANK THREE. The toggles are equally simple. On the bank side, they offer another way to instantly access a bank. On the preset side, they do the same allowing you to instantly access a preset. In addition, the preset toggle also sets the behavior of the preset tapping. Flip it right and presets toggle between LIVE and ODD. Flip it left and presets toggle between LIVE and EVEN.


The process for saving presets in slots 3 – 6 on Faves is the same as recalling presets from those slots, except that you hold down both stomp switches on the pedal to let it know that you want to save in that slot rather than recall. You will see the familiar blinking from the preset LED on the pedal, letting you know that it has saved a preset.



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This pedal works as described and is in very good condition, exhibiting only very light wear as well as some velcro applied to the bottom, which can be seen in photos. 


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