Pre-Owned Chase Bliss Generation Loss MkII Limited Edition


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Chase Bliss Limited Edition Generation Loss MkII

Introducing the Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII VHS Duplicator

The Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII VHS Duplicator is a groundbreaking 2-in-1 magnetizer designed to celebrate the essence of tape in all its forms. This innovative device is a comprehensive study of the vintage charm of tape, meticulously crafted to capture its unique magic. The creators embarked on a journey to delve into the intricacies of tape, disassembling VCRs and scrutinizing every tape-related device, from camcorders to cassette decks, to truly understand what makes tape special.

Unleash the Tape's Magic

With the Generation Loss MKII, you have the power to saturate, fail, and flutter your audio until it reaches perfection. The device offers true stereo I/O with a unique failure-based stereo spread, enabling you to achieve that distinctive tape-driven warmth and character. And if you ever want to revert to the classic tape sound, you can effortlessly switch back to classic mode in stereo.

Embrace the Unpredictability

One of the standout features of the Generation Loss MKII is the customizable Failure knob. This knob allows you to introduce unpredictability into your audio, simulating the little imperfections and malfunctions that give tape its lifelike quality. You have full control over these moments of malfunction, and you can adjust them to your liking, ensuring your sound is just as you envision it.

Exploring Tape Models

The Model knob takes you on a journey through a library of tape machines, each with its own unique EQ profile. From VCRs to dictaphones and even vintage toys, these tape models are meticulously crafted through frequency analysis of physical hardware, enabling you to experiment with different sonic palettes.

Enhanced Stereo Experience

The Generation Loss MKII is the first stereo pedal in a classic format, offering versatile stereo I/O options. Whether you prefer stereo in and out or mono in stereo out, this pedal has you covered. Moreover, it introduces a novel Spread option, which uses the Failure knob to create a captivating malfunctioning stereo image, expanding your sonic horizons.

Integration and Control

This VHS Duplicator is not just about sonic exploration; it's also equipped with modern features. It boasts MIDI, CV, and Expression control capabilities, along with presets and internal modulation for all its knobs. Additionally, the AUX switch, analog dry-thru (mode-dependent), and true bypass (mode-dependent) ensure seamless integration into your setup.


  • Stereo I/O
  • Presets (2)
  • MIDI (PC, CC)
  • CV control
  • Expression control
  • AUX switch
  • Analog dry thru (mode dependent)
  • True bypass (mode dependent)
  • 9V Center Negative ~250 mA

The Chase Bliss Generation Loss MKII VHS Duplicator redefines the possibilities of tape manipulation, merging vintage allure with modern control. Whether you're a musician, producer, or sound enthusiast, this pedal offers an unparalleled tape experience. Unleash the magic of tape and elevate your audio creations with the Generation Loss MKII.

 This pedal works nicely as intended and is in excellent condition, exhibiting only very gentle external wear and has had rubber feet applied to the bottom as can be seen in photos. Original box is included.

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Type: Effects