Pre-Owned Electro Harmonix Lester K


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Pre-Owned EHX Lester K

This Pre-Owned Electro Harmonix Lester K pedal is in excellent condition and is ready to add that Leslie vibe to your guitar rig today.  With simple controls this Leslie speaker simulator is sure to give you the swirling effect you desire and features both mono and stereo inputs and outputs.  The slow and fast knobs allow you to set the speeds for each respective speed mode, footswitchable via the left footswitch at any time.  You can even hear the virtual Leslie ramp up and down between speeds or when you use the brake mode to fully stop the "speaker" horn by holding down the brake footswitch.  The drive knob lets you set the amount of preamp gain in the speaker system to add that cranked organ grind, while the volume knob lets you easily match or boost your output when using the effect.  The balance knob is a crossover of sorts between the high frequency horn and low frequency rotor in our virtual speaker system, offering fine control over the range of tones produced.  If you need a "Cold Shot" added to your guitar tone, this could be the answer at a great price!

Type: Effects

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