Pre-Owned Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay


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Pre-Owned Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay

Here we have the excellent Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay in fair cosmetic condition at an excellent price!  If you've been looking for a full featured multi-delay pedal complete with presets, integrated tap tempo, and expression control.  This delay pedal packs an astonishing amount of delay options into a compact package, with 6 main delay types (each with 3 modes) and a comprehensive yet easy to use and understand control set.  The Vintage Modified Superdelay expands upon Empress' existing Superdelay platform and revoices the Tape algorithm for more authentic tape delay modeling with wow and flutter modulation on the repeats.  This pedal also features a looper with up to 11 seconds of recording time, making the Vintage Modified Superdelay one of the most flexible delay pedals on the market.  If you want the modern delay features that players today demand without getting too deep into managing MIDI presets, banks and the like, the Empress Vintage Modified Superdelay is the perfect compromise between modern flexibility and ease of use.


WARNING:  This pedal requires a 9-12V DC power adapter with a POSITIVE TIP (this is the opposite of industry standard standard center-negative power supplies).  Using this pedal with your existing power supply will require a polarity reversal adapter, such as the 1 Spot Reverse Polarity Converter model CYR (available for purchase for $3.99).  


Type: Effects

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