USED 2012 Epiphone ES-175VS P-90 w/HSC


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Having just received a fresh set of strings and set-up, this 175 is ready to roll! It's a true hollow-body (no center block), the bridge is in the correct spot for proper intonation, and it plays/sounds killer. These P90s sound fantastic, and overall it's in great cosmetic shape. Limited Edition Custom Shop. Comes with a hard case.

Update: We are not in the habit of disassembling guitars to inspect components, but we've received enough inquiries about the brand of the pickups that we pulled the pickups out and added extra photos of the results.

What we learned: Just about everything EXCEPT the brand of the pickup...they do appear to be an import-style manufacture, but have no markings to indicate brand. If they aren't Epiphone P-90's specifically, they are probably of equivalent quality.

The pickguard is a replacement, having come from Crocker Custom Guitars (see photo). The pickup cavities have been slightly modified to fit the P-90's, as they once held humbuckers. The P-90 spacers cover all traces of humbuckers, but you can see the screw holes and indentation in the finish for the humbucker rings. Pots might be CTS, and the cap is unusual, so we're thinking the electronic harness was replaced with the pickups.

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Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: Epiphone

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