Pre-Owned G&L Legacy Special


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Pre-Owned G&L Legacy Special Sunburst

Wow, what a guitar! If you're looking for classic strat sounds without breaking the bank, this is the guitar for you. The pickups are nice and glassy sounding with plenty of low end, positions 2 and 4 have the iconic "quack" you've come to expect from a strat style guitar. The neck is nice and comfortable, it fills the palm of the hand nicely without ever feeling too big. 

Regarding condition, this guitar is pretty clean, apart from some pictured scuffs. There is a little bit of play wear on the pickguard and on the back of the guitar. Fret wear is minimal in the first and second position but it's still far off from needing a crown. The neck is nice and straight and the guitar has been through a full inspection and setup from our in house luthier.

As always, this guitar ships via FedEx or UPS Ground, fully insured with signature required.

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