Pre-Owned Heet EBow Plus


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Ebow Plus 

Unlock New Sonic Dimensions with the EBow Plus Electronic Bow

The EBow Plus Electronic Bow is a game-changing accessory that adds a new dimension of creativity to your guitar playing. Unlike traditional effects pedals that you stomp on and off, the EBow empowers you to shape your guitar's sound directly with your picking hand. This handheld device vibrates your guitar strings, opening up a world of sonic possibilities, including infinite sustain, bowing sounds, slurs, fades, and more. If you're looking to break free from conventional guitar playing and explore innovative textures and tones, the EBow is your gateway to sonic experimentation.

Unleash Your Creative Potential

When you pair the EBow with distortion and delay pedals, you'll be amazed by the extraordinary textures that emerge from your guitar rig. It allows you to loop tones and create mesmerizing lead lines that soar above your music. If you've hit a creative roadblock and need a spark of inspiration, the EBow Plus Electronic Bow is an affordable and effective way to inject new life into your playing and compositions. With its intuitive design and endless possibilities, the EBow is a must-have for any guitarist or bassist.


  • Accessory Type: Electronic Bow
  • Compatible Instruments: Guitar, Bass, and Other Stringed Instruments
  • Effects: Sustain, Fades, Bowing, Tonal Textures, and More
  • Control: Replaces the pick in your right hand
  • Power Source: 9-volt battery (included)

Rediscover the joy of playing guitar and elevate your musical expression with the EBow Plus Electronic Bow. This unique accessory puts the power of sonic exploration directly into your hands, enabling you to create sounds that transcend traditional guitar playing. Whether you're a seasoned musician or a beginner, the EBow opens up a world of sonic adventure that will inspire your creativity.


This EBow works nicely as intended and is in mint condition, exhibiting no discernible external wear as can be seen in photos. Original box and bag are included. 

Type: Effects