Pre-Owned Ibanez FL-301 Flanger


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Pre-Owned Ibanez FL301 Flanger

This vintage Ibanez FL-301 Flanger is here for all your flanging needs!  The Ibanez FL-301 comes from a simpler time when pedal fans had less options, and had to do more with less.  Back in the day you would go to your local music shop and if you were lucky they'd have one brand of pedals, one of each type.  Ibanez had many such lines and this flanger is a fine example of a company exceeding at something outside the products on which they built their reputation.  This 18V flanger offers you loads of clean headroom and push button access to the classic flange tones of the 80s.  Speed controls the speed of the LFO, regen controls the circuit's feedback, and width controls how wide of an oscillation we have.  All of your favorite flanger and chorus tones lie just inside this little yellow box, come try it out today!


Cosmetically this pedal has certainly seen better days, but it's fully functional and ready to rock and roll.  The casing is severely dinged up and scratched, and the pedal is missing the easy to lose, plastic battery cover.  The pedal's original owner remedied this with a piece of cardboard and some electrical tape, which remains in place today.  The back of the pedal is also covered in the hook side of some velcro-type material.

Type: Effects

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