Pre-Owned Ibanez RGDIX6PB



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This guitar plays great. The Nitro Wizard neck is perfect for those fast legato runs, and the DiMarzio Fuision Edge pickups have plenty of bite and Snarl for even the heaviest of metals. 


  • Neck Type: Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Purpleheart neck
  • Body: Poplar Burl topSwamp Ash middle/Mahogany back layered body
  • Fretboard: Ebony fretboard
  • Fret Size: Jumbo frets
  • Bridge: Gibraltar Standard II bridge
  • Neck Pickup: DiMarzio® Fusion Edge (H) neck pickupPassive/Ceramic
  • Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio® Fusion Edge (H) bridge pickup Passive/Ceramic
  • String gauge: .010/.013/.017/.026/.036/.046
  • Hardware color: Black

Nitro Wizard 3pc Maple/Purpleheart neck

Legendary Super-thin, ultra-playable neck, made by Maple/Purpleheart with road-tested durability.

Ebony fretboard

Ebony produces a tight low and mid range with an iconic attack on the high end. It also features a quick response and rich sustain.

Luminescent side dot inlay

The luminescent side dot position marks make it easy for players to see fretboard position marks when performing on dark stages.

Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads

The Gotoh® MG-T locking machine heads achieve incredible tuning stability, cutting down string-changing time.

DiMarzio® Fusion Edge Pickups

Through close collaboration between Ibanez and DiMarzio® Fusion Edge pickups have been engineered to produce a powerful, distinctive tone with a crisp, cutting high end, and a tight, compressed bottom end, minus any muddy mid-range.

Type: Electric Guitars

Vendor: USED