Pre-Owned Korg Pitchblack X Mini Tuner


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Korg Pitchblack X Mini Tuner

Introducing the Korg Pitchblack X Mini Tuner with ULTRA BUFFER

Experience the next generation of pedal tuners with the Korg Pitchblack X Mini, featuring the powerful new ULTRA BUFFER. This compact and easy-to-use tuner is designed to meet the needs of both professional and amateur musicians, offering advanced functionality in a small form factor. Whether you're a gigging musician or a recording artist, the Pitchblack X Mini ensures your instrument is always perfectly tuned.

The Importance of the ULTRA BUFFER

The ULTRA BUFFER in the Pitchblack X Mini is a game-changer for guitarists. Most electric guitars use passive pickups with a high impedance output, which can lead to a loss of tone over long cable runs. With the ULTRA BUFFER, your signal is boosted, preventing any loss of tone, even when using a long cable to connect to the tuner or inserting the tuner into a complex effects board. This means your audio quality remains pristine, whether your pedal is on or off.

Compact Housing with Powerful Functionality

The Pitchblack X Mini is the smallest tuner in the Pitchblack X series, making it a perfect fit for crowded pedalboards. Despite its compact size, it's packed with features that musicians will appreciate. The sturdy powdered finish and durable housing ensure it can withstand the rigors of the road, weighing in at just 4.88 ounces.

Ultra-High Tuning Accuracy and Display Modes

With ultra-high tuning accuracy down to ±0.1 cents in Strobe mode, the Pitchblack X Mini is ideal for situations where precise tuning is a must, whether you're performing live or recording in the studio. Choose from four meter display modes, including Regular, Strobe, Half Strobe, and Mirror, to suit your tuning preferences. The built-in "just-right tuning" display function helps you achieve stress-free and accurate tuning by blinking the triangular LEDs when your tuning is correct.


  • Scale: 12 note equal temperament
  • Detection Range: E0 (20.60Hz)~C8(4,186Hz)
  • Calibration Range: A4=436〜445Hz (1Hz steps)
  • Detection Accuracy: +/- 0.1 cent (display mode: Strobe)
  • Input Impedance: 1 M-ohm (tuner on)
  • Display Modes: Regular, Strobe, Half-strobe, Mirror
  • Connectors: INPUT (mono 1/4” jack), BYPASS (mono 1/4” jack), DC 9V IN
  • Power Supply: AC adaptor (9V)
  • Power Consumption: Maximum 30 mA
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1.77" x 3.66" x 1.69" (including protrusions)
  • Weight: 4.88 oz