Pre-Owned Les Paul Studio Gold w/ P90s


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For those in search of an incredible, yet affordable Les Paul, look no further. This pre-owned guitar comes equipped with a great sounding set of P90s that produce great clean tones that has a resonant brightness but can be darkened very nicely by rolling some or all of the tone off to get some great vintage sounding tones. Additionally the guitar sounds great with some overdrive to get some satisfying classic rock sounds, or you can run the guitar through heavy distortion and it can still get and gnarly tone while still maintaining the classic Les Paul sound. 

The top on this guitar is immaculate. There are a few small dings on the guitar, most notably on the back of the headstock and on the back edge of the lower bout's bass side. Thankfully none of these dings would be visible while performing with this guitar. 

This guitar does not come with any additional accessories.