Pre-Owned Lluna Fuzz Drive


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From the manufacturer:

The "LLUNA - oscillo fuzz drive with voltage dropper" (LL) is an overdrive/fuzz pedal with its own internal oscillating system and voltage dropper.

The "LL" provides a wide range of distortion levels- from a soft overdrive sound to a hard fuzz sound, and it can create a self-oscillating sound.

The "Voltage Dropper" circuit creates a distortion sound that is generated when the power voltage is dropped (in general effect pedals, the input sound would be distorted if the power voltage is lower than the voltage which the manufacturer has set). The "Voltage Dropper" circuit drops only a part of the circuit, so the other circuit works properly and the "LL" creates the original "LL" distortion sound, without the difficulty of a lower power voltage supply.

Type: Effects

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