Pre-Owned Mesa Flux Five


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Pre-Owned Mesa Flux Five

This Pre-Owned Flux Five is in excellent condition and will help you get those tough, rectifier type sounds out of whatever rig you're rocking with a footswitchable solo boost and a full 5 band graphic EQ.  This pedal takes the flexibility of Mesa's classic 5 band graphic EQ and marries it with the ease of use of a traditional 1 channel overdrive with switchable output level.  Each setting both Lo and Hi can be used with or without the graphic EQ and there is also a master treble and bass control to further tweak your tone.  The hi-trim knob sets the volume differential for the two channels, allowing you to keep the volume the same or boost your amp's front end with the Hi mode for an easily accessible volume jump.  This pedal is your ticket to those hi gain sounds that Mesa is famous for in a small and easy to use package.

Type: Effects

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