Pre-Owned Mesa Mark 5:25


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Pre-Owned Mesa Mark 5:25 Amp Head

This Pre-Owned Mesa Mark Five : 25 Head is in great condition and ready to rock for years to come!  This amp packs all the tonal flexibility of the iconic Mark series amplifiers into a compact and portable package.  Each footswitchable channel offers you three modes spanning a variety of clean and gain sounds.  Using the different gain modes, EQ, and new Mid/Boost mode on the mids control you can get high gain sounds out of the first channel if you want to, or use it as a pristine clean sound.  Each channel features independent wattage selection via Mesa's Dyna-Watt technology to change the sound and feel of each channel on the fly.  The classic Mesa 5 band EQ can be applied to one or both channels, and is accessible on the footswitch so it can be used as a boost or cut as well as a drastic, sudden EQ change.  Finally, this amp features classic, tube driven real spring reverb on both channels and Mesa's super useful CabClone DI with a speaker defeat so you can practice or record silently.  There's even a headphone jack on the back!  This all tube powerhouse is ready for your next record or gig! 

Type: Guitar Amps