Pre-Owned Mesa Recto-Verb 50 Head



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This amp sounds great! It covers a wide range of tones and will work for a ton of different styles. You could take this to the blues jam one night and your heavy metal gig the next. It captures everything you like about a Mesa and more. 

The clean channel offers a clean or a pushed setting, giving you the option to have either a sparking clean sound or a gritty edge of breakup sound perfect for classic rock or blues. 

The dirty channel has three settings, raw, vintage and modern. The raw setting is gritty and full sounding with plenty of bass, perfect for hard rock. The vintage channel tightens up the low end while upping the level of gain, it's a great setting for getting all the vintage metal tones you so desire. The Modern setting tightens up the lows even more perfect for fast staccato chugging.  

The amp comes loaded with spring reverb as well as a switchable fixed bias switch for either 6L6 or EL84 power tubes, so no matter what sound you are looking for, the Recto-Verb 50 can deliver!

Type: Guitar Amps

Vendor: USED

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