Pre-Owned Mr. Black DoubleChorus LTD - Diamond Sunset


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Mr. Black DoubleChorus Limited Edition

From Mr. Black:

You remember the '80s, dontcha?

Big hair, overstated eye-makeup, leopard print, mountains of blow, cheap groupies, and who could forget the image that has been burned into a minds and psyche (for better or worse):  painted-on hot pink unitards with what looks to be a malformed potato bursting from the nether-regions of the lucky guy who shoe-horned himself into that unitard.

Lets not forget one of the most popular (and new for the time) effects of the '80s:  the chorus tone.

This edition of Straight Jive will cover a little about the chorus sound, but most of all, we're gonna focus on exactly why the Double Chorus is the ultimate shit, why it sounds so much better than most every other chorus pedal you've played and how a guy who doesn't like chorus (like myself) can get down and boogie in his own personal unitard:  a beat up pair of Levis.

Your standard chorus sound is produced through a relatively simple process...

A signal (your guitar in this case) enters the effect circuit and immediately encounters a short delay line.  But this isn't any ol delay line.  This delay line is special, like the finest columbian money can buy.  Because unlike a big ol pile of blow, its modulated.  What does that mean exactly?

What the effect will be doing is modulating the delay time, meaning that the time delay, td as we'll be referring to from this point forth, is continually changing: much like a rockstar's evening groupie.

The modulated delay is added to the un-adulterated signal (dry signal) replicating the sound that occurs when two people play guitar at the same time.  Super neat! 

• Input impedance: ~500KΩ

• Output impedance: ~2KΩ

• Bypass: True-Bypass

• Current draw: <60mA

• Power requirement: 9V adapter or 9V battery

 This pedal works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, exhibiting only some light external wear as can be seen in photos. 


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Type: Effects