Pre-Owned MXR Phase 95


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Pre-Owned MXR Phase 95

This Pre-Owned Phase 95 is ready to add some whoosh and warble to your sound today.  The Phase 95 combines both the vintage and modern versions of two of MXR's most popular pedals into one compact enclosure.  Since 1974 the guitar world has been enamored with the warm, lush phase-shifted sounds of the MXR Phase 90, which has found its way onto countless pros' rigs over the years, and for good reason.  Its simple control set offers users some of the most classic modulation tones of all time with just one knob!  The Phase 95 takes that simplicity a step or two further and lets you switch between the less intense, 2 stage phasing of the Phase 45 and the classic 4 stage phasing of the Phase 90 with the press of a button, and the Script button warms up the sound drastically, bringing the circuit more in spec with the classic ones from the 70s.  If you're looking for an inexpensive way to get the classic phase sounds you know and love, this pedal is perfect for you!


Cosmetically this pedal has definitely seen some use, and has some scratches on the top and sides.  It also has the hook side of some velcro style backing attached to the backplate.

Type: Effects