Pre-Owned Rapco Horizon Stereoline DI


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Rapco Horizon Stereoline Passive Direct Box


Optimize Your Sound with Rapco Horizon Stereoline Passive Direct Box

Efficient Signal Routing The Rapco Horizon Stereoline Passive Direct Box is a versatile tool designed to enhance your audio setup. Operating as two separate direct boxes in stereo mode, it showcases its versatility by allowing you to manage your signals effectively. In mono mode, it can merge two high-impedance, unbalanced input signals into a single low-impedance, isolated balanced output mono signal. This mode proves invaluable for conserving channels in a snake setup. Additionally, the Stereoline can combine two high-impedance unbalanced signals into a balanced, isolated output that can then be divided into two separate mono output signals. To ensure clean and optimal sound, the unit is equipped with two shunts on the input, eliminating any unwanted feedback.

Built for Reliability and Quality Crafted to endure the demands of professional setups, the Stereoline features a heavy-duty steel box, high-quality connectors, and a transformer. Its connectors and switches are recessed to prevent damage during usage, maintaining its integrity over time. The unit includes a ground lift switch that effectively eliminates hum, further contributing to a pristine sound experience. For on-stage monitoring, a paralleled 1/4" output is available. Each unit is individually tested for performance and quality assurance, ensuring you receive a reliable tool that consistently delivers outstanding results.


  • Stereo mode functions as 2 separate direct boxes
  • Mono mode combines 2 high-impedance, unbalanced input signals into 1 low-impedance balanced signal
  • Heavy-duty steel box
  • High-quality connectors and transformer
  • Recessed connectors and switches to prevent damage
  • Ground lift switch to eliminate hum
  • Paralleled 1/4" output for on-stage monitoring
  • Individually tested for performance and quality


  • Approximately 5.38 x 3.88 x 2.00" (13.65 x 9.84 x 5.08 cm)

This direct box works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, showing hardly any external wear as can be seen in photos. 


Type: Pro Audio