Pre-Owned Seymour Duncan STK-S2N - White Cover


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Seymour Duncan STK-S2N - White

Transform Your Tone with the Seymour Duncan Hot Stack® Strat Pickup

The Seymour Duncan Hot Stack® Strat Pickup is a powerhouse solution for enhancing the sound of your Stratocaster or modified Telecaster. Designed to deliver powerful noiseless Strat pickup tones, this pickup offers remarkable string-to-string balance and versatile performance. Whether you're looking to upgrade your Strat's bridge or neck position or seeking to add vintage-hot mojo to your Telecaster, the Hot Stack Strat Pickup has got you covered. Handcrafted in Santa Barbara, CA, this pickup features a ceramic bar magnet, 4-conductor lead wire, and is wax potted for reliable and squeal-free operation.

Exceptional Midrange and Attack

The Hot Stack Strat Pickup stands out thanks to its unique design and powerful ceramic bar magnet surrounded by two stacked coils. This construction allows it to send more current into your amplifier, resulting in a boost of midrange and a stronger attack compared to standard Stratocaster pickups. The overwound Hot Stack Strat uses a blade instead of traditional rod magnets, ensuring even string balance and preventing drop-outs during bends. Plus, it provides a beefed-up tone without the typical single-coil hum, making it an ideal choice for players who crave a noise-free experience.

Versatile Application

This versatile pickup can be used in both the bridge and neck positions of your Stratocaster, offering flexibility to tailor your tone. Moreover, it's renowned in Nashville as the preferred middle pickup for modified Telecasters, loved by session musicians and professionals for its vintage-hot sound. Whether you want to elevate your Strat or Tele to new sonic heights, the Seymour Duncan Hot Stack Strat Pickup is a top choice for achieving exceptional clarity, balance, and vintage warmth.


  • Pickup Type: Noiseless Strat
  • Magnet: Ceramic bar magnet
  • Lead Wire: 4-conductor
  • Potting: Wax potted for squeal-free operation
  • Output: Balanced midrange and strong attack
  • Application: Suitable for bridge, middle (ideal for Teles), and neck positions

This pickup works as intended and is in very good condition, showing only gentle external wear - it has been pre-installed which is evident in the leads.

Type: Guitar Parts