Pre-Owned Solid Gold FX Electroman


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Pre-Owned Solid Gold FX Electroman

This SolidGoldFX Electroman is in great condition and is sure to satisfy all your analog-voiced delay needs.  Based around the now venerable PT2399 digital delay chip, this delay can generate up to 600ms of warm delay tones.  The Tone knob goes from clean, digital delay tones through to the dark sounds of a 30 year old pedal about to die on you.  The momentary Warp switch allows you to access analog delay type oscillations at a moment's notice.  The TRS effects loop on the pedal's side allows you to apply whatever effects to the delayed signal that you would like, opening up near infinite pedal stacking possibilities.  If you're looking for the warmth and classic sound of an analog delay but with the flexibility and predictability of a digital pedal, the Electroman is sure to satisfy.


This pedal shows signs of use (light wear in the art on the pedal's face, one ding on the corner near the warp switch and one more near the FX loop jack) but overall is in good condition and functions perfectly.

Type: Effects