Pre-Owned Strymon Lex


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Pre-Owned Strymon Lex

Some of the most iconic recorded guitar sounds come from mixing together pieces of gear, misusing them,  and seeing what it sounds like: the Fender Bassman, Marshall Super Bass, using 15" speakers in the Fender Dual Showman, etc.  One such example is the classic sound of a Leslie rotating speaker cabinet from a Hammond organ.  This system of speakers and spinning horns results in a unique and instantly recognizable warble and modulation unlike anything else out there.  The Strymon Lex brings Strymon's best in class modelling technology and powerful SHARC DSP chip to the world of spinning speaker modelling to make sure you get that classic Leslie tone in a standard sized package with stereo capabilities and assignable expression control. 

In the real world mic'ing up a Leslie requires at least 3 microphones to be carefully placed an balanced, but with the Lex it's as easy as dialing in the Mic Distance, Preamp Drive, Horn Level, and Fast Rotor Speed.  If that wasn't enough, the pedal has four more secondary controls: Slow Rotor Speed, Cab Direction, Acceleration time, and a +/- 6dB Boost/Cut to control perceived output loss.  The Lex also has a selectable Bi-Amping mode for that classic organ tone of sending the bass signal to one amp and the treble signal to another. 

If you want to, you can even use the classic Brake and Ramp features, just like with a real Leslie!  The Lex is the most comprehensive yet usable spinning speaker simulator out there, and is ready to complete your rig today!







Rotary Speaker Emulator


1 x 1/4" Switchable to TRS Stereo, Expression Pedal


2 x 1/4"






4.5" x 4" x 1.75"

Type: Effects