Pre-Owned TC Electronic Pipeline Tremolo



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The TC Pipeline offers a wide variety of classic tremolo tones in an easy to use package, and even manages to work in a tap tempo into a one button pedal, not an easy feat.  The pedal features the traditional speed and depth controls as well as a subdivision knob offering a variety of different rhythmic options.  In fact, the pipeline even allows you to create custom patterns of different subdivisions for a dizzying amount of volume modulation options.  As with most TC Electronic pedals, it offers two modes out of the box (Vintage which is a classic Fender sine wave tremolo, and square, which is a more modern hard edged volume cut) and the incredibly flexible Toneprint mode which offers unprecedented control through its desktop application, and lets you change modes almost instantly using the mobile app.  They even put in a 6dB volume boost which equates to a perceived doubling in output volume, which more than allows you to compensate for any perceived volume drops due to the nature of tremolo.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about this awesome pedal!

Type: Effects

Vendor: USED