Pre-Owned Tone King Ironman II Mini Attenuator


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Tone King Iron Man 2 Mini Attenuator

Keep an Ironman II Mini on your pedalboard and leave the volume wars behind. Perfect for mid-powered tube amplifiers up to 30 watts, this mini version of our popular 100-watt version attenuates your amp’s volume via the same reactive load and transformer-coupled technology as its big brother. Not only will your amp breathe properly on any stage, studio, or rehearsal, but you’ll maintain every ounce of your tonal nuance and response. And when it is time to get above the mix, a finely tuned Solo Mode footswitch is ready to answer the call. So take control of your tone today and see why we call the Ironman II Mini a transparent volume solution unlike anything out there.



  • 30-watt attenuator offers cranked tone and response at whisper volumes
  • Reactive load technology maintains the relationship between amp and speaker
  • Custom-designed, transformer-coupled signal flow
  • Foot-switchable Solo Mode offers a boosted level with the tap of your toe
  • 3-position Presence switch dials your amp’s top-end character
  • ¼” Line output can drive additional amplifiers, your favorite IRs, and more
  • Rated for 30-watt, 8 Ohm amplifiers



This attenuator works as described and is in very good condition, exhibiting some light external wear as can be seen in photos, most notably at the sides of the item. 






Power Handling:

  • 30W R.M.S. Maximum

Input Impedance:

  • Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only

Speaker Impedance:

  • Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only

Attenuation Levels:

  • A total of 18 distinct attenuation levels are available

Attenuation Dials:

  • Selects between 6 different attenuation steps

SOLO Function:

  • Selectable 3db/6db reduction in attenuation for solo volume boost

Range Switch:

  • Selects between the HI and LO attenuation ranges, to control the attenuation level when the SOLO feature is inactive.

Line Out:

  • Recording / D.I. output, impedance = 10K Ohms; level = -10dbu

LED Indicator:

  • Indicates status of SOLO function

Power Source:

  • Used for LED indicator only. Power supplied by either internal batteries (2 x AA cells) or external 9V source.



Type: Effects