Pre-Owned Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station


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Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station

Unleash Sonic Creativity with the Universal Audio UAFX Starlight Echo Station Delay Pedal

Universal Audio has long been celebrated for its spot-on emulations of classic studio hardware and effects, driven by cutting-edge DSP technology. Now, they bring those legendary effects to the stage with a series of guitar pedals, including the Universal Audio Starlight Echo Station. This pedal is a treasure trove for delay enthusiasts, featuring two faithful recreations of iconic echo units and a pristine custom-designed digital delay, all housed in a robust chassis. From the nostalgic repeats of the Tape EP-III and the moody modulated bucket-brigade echoes of the Analog DMM to the crystal-clear chime of the Precision delay, the Starlight Echo Station is a playground for shoegazers, psych-rockers, and experimentalists. With stereo and dual-mono operation, true bypass with silent switching, and a preset mode for seamless transitions between two delay types while preserving your echo tails, this pedal opens the door to endless creative possibilities!

Explore the Rich Tape Echo of the Tape EP-III

The Tape EP-III effect in the Echo Station offers the enchanting allure of tape delay. It faithfully replicates one of the most celebrated tape delay units in music history, cherished by guitar legends like Neil Young, Jimmy Page, and Eric Johnson. This effect captures the essence of the original unit, including its musical preamp section that can be driven into delightful distortion for added edge to your delayed signals. The Tape EP-III also embraces the imperfections of vintage devices, with dropouts, tape slices, and inherent noise that can be tweaked to suit your taste. It comes in three distinct variations, each with its own unique character.

Embrace the Warmth of the Analog DMM

The Analog DMM mode pays homage to the iconic vintage delay pedal known for its warm and wooly bucket-brigade delays. This pedal, housed in a massive trapezoid chassis, was a favorite of shoegazers in the 1990s. The Analog DMM retains the original's charm, including a chorus-vibrato control for adding a touch of seasick modulation. Universal Audio has extended the delay time to a full second, surpassing the original unit's capabilities. The result is an absolutely addictive bucket-brigade delay that stands as the benchmark for this classic delay type.

Experience Crystal-Clear Precision

For situations where pristine clarity is paramount, the Precision mode is the ideal choice. Designed exclusively for the Starlight Echo Station, Precision offers crystal-clear repeats with a plethora of modulation options sourced from UAD's prestigious plug-in library. Whether you're creating crisp ambient textures or crafting Vangelis-inspired synthscapes with hardware synthesizers, Precision delivers pristine audio quality.

Unlock the Cooper Time Cube Bonus Effect

Upon registering your Starlight Echo Station, Universal Audio generously adds a bonus effect to your collection — the Cooper Time Cube. This unique electromechanical delay, designed by Bill Putnam and Duane H. Cooper, was the world's first of its kind. It employed a coiled garden hose to produce a distinctive echo effect with a fixed delay time. With modern artists like Jack White and renowned engineer Vance Powell championing the Cooper Time Cube, it adds a magical touch to any signal, enhancing it and imparting stereo width to mono sources.

Seamless Control with the UAFX Control App

The UAFX Control app for iOS and Android devices elevates your control over the Starlight Echo Station. It allows you to switch between true bypass and trails bypass, even when the delay effect is off. Additionally, you can configure the right footswitch to perform preset selection, tap tempo control, or both, tailoring the pedal to your specific needs.


  • Pedal Type: Delay, Echo
  • Analog/Digital: Digital
  • Presets: Recall Stored Settings, 6 x Subdivision Options, 2 x Dual-delay Modes
  • Effects: Tape EP-III, Analog DMM, Precision Digital Delay, Cooper Time Cube Delay (download)
  • Max Delay Time: 2500ms
  • Inputs: 2 x 1/4" TS (L/mono,R)
  • Outputs: 2 x 1/4" TS (L/mono,R)
  • USB: USB-C (updates)
  • True Bypass: Yes, Switchable to Buffered (via software)
  • Features: Dual-processor UAFX Engine
  • Software: UAFX Control app (Android/iOS 11 or later)
  • Power Source: 9V DC 400mA power supply (sold separately)
  • Height: 2.56"
  • Width: 3.62"
  • Depth: 5.55"
  • Weight: 1.24 lbs.

The Universal Audio UAFX Starlight Echo Station Delay Pedal is your gateway to a world of captivating echoes and delays. With its faithful emulations of iconic echo units, pristine digital delay, and versatile control options, it offers endless sonic exploration possibilities. Elevate your sound and let your creativity soar with this exceptional pedal that pays homage to legendary delay effects.

serial no: 22042029104215

 This pedal works nicely as intended and is in excellent condition, exhibiting only very gentle external wear as can be seen in photos. Original box is included.

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Type: Effects