Pre-Owned VHT Echo-Verb


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VHT Echo-Verb

The VHT Echo-Verb All-Analog Delay + Reverb Pedal is an innovation that brings the best of vintage-style reverb and analog delay into one easy-to-use pedal. What sets this pedal apart is its unique dual-section design. It's the world's only pedal that houses two entirely independent sections for delay and reverb, giving you the freedom to craft your perfect sonic landscapes.

Analog Delay with Vintage Vibes

The VHT Echo-Verb's delay section is a true analog gem. It features a Decay control that emulates the high-frequency roll-off of classic tape echo machines, allowing you to dial in anything from crystal-clear repeats to dark and mellow echoes. This analog warmth and character will transport you back to the golden age of delay effects, delivering rich, organic textures to your sound.

Digital Reverb with a Twist

On the reverb side, the VHT Echo-Verb doesn't compromise on quality. While the reverb effect is digital (a necessity for a compact pedal), it's cleverly mixed in parallel with the analog signal path. This means that only the reverb effect itself undergoes digital processing, ensuring that your dry signal retains its pure analog purity. With independent controls for Dwell, Tone, and Mix, you have full command over the reverb's character, tone, and level.


  • Model Name: VHT Echo-Verb All-Analog Delay + Reverb Pedal
  • Model Number: AV-EV1
  • Features: Bucket Brigade Analog Delay (BBD), Digital Reverb mixed with analog dry signal, True Bypass Switching
  • Power: 9V DC (External power source required)
  • Reverb Controls: Dwell, Tone, Mix
  • Delay Controls: Time, Repeat, Mix, Decay (High-Frequency roll-off)

This pedal works nicely as intended and is in good condition, exhibiting some light external wear and has had velcro applied to the bottom as can be seen in photos. 

Type: Effects