Pre-Owned Ernie Ball VP JR Standard


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Ernie Ball VP Jr Standard Volume Pedal

When it comes to controlling your volume with precision and finesse, the Ernie Ball VP Jr 250k Volume Pedal is the compact powerhouse you need. This pedal retains all the fantastic features of the original volume pedal while reducing its footprint by an impressive 22%. Crafted for passive electronics, it's perfectly voiced to accommodate your signal with exceptional clarity and control.

Compact, Rugged Design

The Ernie Ball VP Jr 250k Volume Pedal is engineered to last, with an aircraft-grade aluminum housing that's virtually indestructible. Its compact design doesn't just save space on your pedalboard; it also ensures that you have a reliable volume control wherever your music takes you.

Two Swell Rates for Ultimate Expression

What sets this pedal apart is its micro taper switch, cleverly located under the footplate, which offers you two distinct volume swell rates. This means you can fine-tune your volume swells to match the nuances of your performance. Whether you're seeking a gradual, gentle swell or a quick, dramatic rise in volume, the Ernie Ball VP Jr 250k delivers the control and flexibility you demand.


  • Height: 2.4 inches
  • Width: 3.5 inches
  • Depth: 10 inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs.


This pedal works nicely as intended and is in very good condition, exhibiting only light external wear and has had velcro applied to the bottom as can be seen in photos. 

Type: Effects