Pre-Owned Walrus Ages Overdrive


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Ages - An Overdrive with Mammoth Sized Versatility.

The Ages is Walrus Audio's latest overdrive pedal, combining your classic overdrive sounds with the added versatility of a 2 band EQ, clean blend, and 5 different clipping options.  While your classic green overdrives can already give you a wide range of tones, the Ages kicks it up a notch or two for total versatility, ranging from clean boost all the way to high gain, rocking, hard clipping overdrive.  The Five clipping/gain modes offer increasing levels of crunch and push, while the Dry blend allows you to balance even the highest gain drive sounds with your pristine clean signal. 

To further increase the range of the pedal it also features a 2 band EQ.  The Bass control is an active boost/cut control that is placed pre-gain in the circuit for maximum range and flexibility, while the Treble control allows you to carefully boost or cut the high frequencies at the end of the circuit for just the right amount of cut.  No matter your overdrive needs, the Ages is sure to deliver.


This pedal works as described and is in mint condition, showing no discernible wear.

Type: Effects